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In Short: ZenBusiness is an online platform that simplifies the process of starting, running, and growing a business. They offer affordable and accessible services such as LLC formation, registered agent services, and annual report filings. ZenBusiness empowers small business owners and entrepreneurs by providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed.


9.4 - Outstanding


  • Simplifies the process of starting, running, and growing a business
  • Affordable and accessible services
  • Offers a variety of tools and resources for entrepreneurs


  • May not be suitable for businesses with complex needs


ZenBusiness is an online platform that offers a range of business formation and management services for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Their services include business formation, registered agent services, annual reports, and other compliance services. ZenBusiness aims to simplify the process of starting and managing a business by providing affordable, easy-to-use tools and resources. They also prioritize customer support, offering personalized assistance to help customers navigate the process of starting and growing their businesses.

Ease of use

ZenBusiness is a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of starting and managing a business. Its intuitive interface guides users through each step, from selecting a business entity to filing paperwork and managing compliance. The platform also offers affordable pricing plans that cater to different business needs, making it an accessible option for entrepreneurs and small business owners. With ZenBusiness, users can save time and money while ensuring that their business remains compliant with state regulations. Its ease of use and affordable pricing make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to start or manage a business.

Features and Functionality

ZenBusiness is an online platform designed to help small businesses and entrepreneurs streamline their business formation and compliance processes. Some of its key features and functionalities include:

  • Business formation services, including assistance with forming an LLC, corporation, or other entity.
  • Registered agent services to ensure that businesses remain compliant with state regulations.
  • Filing of necessary documents with state and local government agencies.
  • Access to customizable templates for various business documents, such as operating agreements and bylaws.
  • Compliance monitoring to help businesses stay up to date with ongoing requirements, such as annual reports and tax filings.
  • Additional services such as business name reservation and EIN acquisition.

Overall, ZenBusiness aims to make the process of starting and running a business as simple and straightforward as possible, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on growing their business instead of worrying about administrative tasks.

Customer Support

ZenBusiness is a company that provides support to entrepreneurs and small business owners in the United States. Their customer support team is known for being knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly. They offer a variety of channels for customers to get in touch, including email, phone, and live chat, and their team works to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. ZenBusiness also has a comprehensive knowledge base with articles and guides to help customers find answers to their questions. Overall, ZenBusiness's customer support is highly regarded by their customers and plays an important role in their mission to empower entrepreneurs.


ZenBusiness is a reliable and affordable online service provider for businesses looking to incorporate or handle their legal compliance needs. With a user-friendly platform and excellent customer support, ZenBusiness offers a range of features including registered agent services, formation packages, and ongoing compliance services. Overall, ZenBusiness is a great option for small businesses looking for a streamlined and cost-effective solution for their legal needs.

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In-Depth Review 2023

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What is ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness is an online platform that helps small businesses start, run, and grow their companies.

What services does ZenBusiness offer?

ZenBusiness offers a wide range of services, including business formation, registered agent service, business license research, annual report filing, and more.

Can ZenBusiness help me form my LLC?

Yes, ZenBusiness can help you form your LLC. They offer a variety of business formation packages to suit your needs.

Is ZenBusiness reliable?

Yes, ZenBusiness is a reputable company with a track record of helping small businesses succeed. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have helped over 200,000 businesses since their founding in 2015.

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